For Identifying the best exercise, first you have to identify your goal, body type and then the type of exercise.

1) Identify your Goal :  Do you want to Lose Fat Or Gain Muscle ?

If you want to lose fat, then you should do Cardio exercise.

If you want to gain muscle, then you should do Weight Training.

2) What is Cardio Exercise?

Exercise that raises your heart rate.


See the different types of Cardio exercises :

  • Low-Intensity : Walking, Cycling
  • Moderate-Intensity : Swimming, Jogging
  • High-Intensity (Fastest Results):  Sprinting (sprint – short rest/walk – sprint)

Overdoing Cardio exercises can cause joint aches, muscle loss, etc.

10-20 minutes of High-Intensity cardio, or 25-45 minutes of Low-Intensity cardio seems to work best without causing any overuse injuries.

3) What is Weight Training?

Physical training that involves lifting weights to develop strength and size of muscles.


Weight training should be done with care. Especially if you are a beginner, it’s always advised to join a Gym and follow a trainer.

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4) Identify your Body type : Find out where you fit in :


  • Naturally slim : If you are a naturally slim person who doesn’t gain much weight regardless of  the food you consume, then you fall in this category. You should take 2-3 weight training per week to gain muscles.
  • Gains fat easily and hard to lose : If you gain weight easily and find it difficult to lose, then you should take 3-6 cardio workouts per week. Once you reach the target weight, start with Weight training to gain muscles. A good balance of cardio and weight training would make things easier.
  • Naturally muscular : Don’t think anyone would be interested in hearing more about this type.



Goal Workout Type Workouts Workout schedule
Weight Loss Cardio Exercise Sprinting, Jogging, Swimming, Cyclying 3-6 cardio workouts per week
Muscle Gain Weight Training Join a GYM and follow the Trainer 2-3 weight training per week


Good Luck 🙂