Summary of the common mistakes which people shared in Quora from all over the world. I’m sure the points are all self-explanatory :

1) Wasting time running behind someone who doesn’t love/respect/want you.

2) Never asking for help : At least some people feel it as false pride for their status/level.

3) Holding Grudges : forgetting the fact that “the ONLY person that suffers when you hold a grudge is yourself”.


4) Addiction : to anything! Alcohol, Drugs, Girls…

5) Always blaming others instead of trying to fix things.

6) Ignoring Health.


7) Not Learning to move on.

8) Stealing.

9) Cheating.


10) Waiting for that “Some Day” to – execute an Idea, join Gym, propose her, go for a trip! And that Someday will Never Come!

11) Making blind judgments – Assuming and misunderstanding things : A smile or help from someone doesn’t mean that they are interested in a relationship with you.

12) Not thinking from the other person’s point of view.


13) Not Traveling and reading enough.

14) Not managing your anger.

15) Playing politics for your personal gain.


16) Expectation.

17) Resistant to change.

18) Trusting others too easily.