Getting around Thailand was much easier than I thought (considering the fact that most of the local people don’t understand English).

There are so many transport options available. Local buses within Bangkok city are usually too slow due to heavy traffic.

BTS and MRT trains are faster, but it operates only around certain city areas. Taxis & TukTuks are faster, but costly means.

For Taxis you might have to pay Tolls as well.

I read a lot of negative reviews about the normal taxis in Thailand, that they charge too much and loot the tourists.

I used GrabTaxi App multiple times which is an easy (comparatively safer) way to get a metered Taxi (At-least you’ll know how much you’ll end-up paying). Even for GrabTaxi , you’ll have to pay toll if you chose the road with toll. Another plus point is, Grab Drivers can understand and speak English to an extend.

Public Transport options

  • BTS Skytrain – Bangkok Transit System or Skytrain

  • MRT – Bangkok’s Mass Rapid Transport underground service

  • Bus

  • Boats

Taxi Options

  • Metered Taxi

  • Uber / Grab

  • TukTuk

  • Motorcycle Taxi


I used Google Maps to find out the available public transport options.

If you have BTS or MRT stations near your origin, check for trains to the nearest station of your destination. And then from there catch a Bus/Taxi/Tuktuk.

You can see the Bus numbers in Google Maps which is really helpful. Also Google Maps will show the destination name written in Thai which you can easily show it to the bus staff to buy tickets.

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