There are Air conditioned Airport Bus services to Bangkok’s major Bus stations from 7:00 to 24:00 for 30 BAHT.

A1 airport bus operates between DMK airport and Bangkok Bus terminal every 5 mins. This bus goes to Mochit. Mochit , Mo-chit and Morchit are all the same and is the nearest and famous BTS (sky train) station (Mochit BTS).

A2 is another bus service that operates between DMK Airport and Victory monument every 30mins.

Follow the below steps to travel from DMK Airport to Pattaya Bus Terminal :

  1. Come out of DMK Airport to Exit 6. 

  2. Wait here for the A1 bus to arrive : 

  3. Get into A1 bus and take ticket to Mochit.

  4. Once bus reaches Mochit BTS, most of them will get down. Instead of getting down, Just go and tell the Bus driver that you have to catch a Bus to Pattaya. He will understand the keywords Bus and Pattaya even if he can’t understand English. He will drop you in front of Bangkok Bus Terminal (Chatuchak).

  5. Walk in to the Bus terminal and check for ticket counter with Pattaya board. 

  6. Take a ticket to Pattaya (117 BAHT)
  7. Walk towards the platform number written on the ticket. For me it was 78. Check the bus timings in the ticket. Don’t miss the bus! There are so many staff in uniform to help you find the bus platform.

  8. Show the ticket to the staff and get into the bus. You’ll have the seat numbers printed in the ticket.
  9. Bangkok to Pattaya is 2.5hrs journey by Bus. It’s a comfortable Semi-Sleeper Mercedes Bus. Most of them have an attached toilet as well.

  10. Bus stops at the Pattaya Bus Terminal which is also know as Pattaya Northern Bus Terminal.

  11. Once you get down, you’ll have options like motorcycle taxis, metered taxis.

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